Purchasing information:

As of now all funds acquired from sculpture sales are going to the crowdfunding campaign that is raising money to help renovating The Nikkilä Temple in Finland.
Become a patron of the spiritual evolution of mankind and get yourself a unique piece of art.

All art pieces that are available for sale on this web page now have a limited edition (LE) of 3, the Artist proof (AP) that is shown on this web page will remain in The Nikkilä Temple.
Work on a purchased edition will start at the foundry in Nikkilä at the end of the year 2021 and the delivery time will be around 3 months after that due to my involvement in the renovations of the Nikkilä.

Since all the sculptures on sale were made partly straight into the wax and hence have molds of only parts of them, all the editions will be unique pieces of art slightly different from each other. After the edition is sold out all remaining molds will be destroyed.

All sculptures are signed and marked with the edition number of LE1/3, 2/3 or 3/3, packed in a wooden case and come with a proof of authenticity, maintenance instructions and a jar of Renaissance wax.

Price list:

The Dawning 21.000 €
Breaking free 16.000 €
The Cross 27.000 €
Layers 12.000 €

All prices include 10%VAT
Please email me via contact form to check sculpture availability.

Worldwide professional packing and shipping of sculptures is available,
prices do not include international shipping.

Deliveries within Finland may be made personally by the artist, please enquire Collection by purchaser or a third party is welcome.

Nikkilä Gallery open by appointment starting spring 2022.